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Directory of Officers for 2021

*CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE—PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 —The disclosure of the personal information contained on this website is subject to the provisions contained in the Privacy Act of 1974. The subject Act, with certain exceptions, prohibits the disclosure, distribution, dissemination, or copying of any material containing the email addresses, home telephone numbers, home addresses, except for official business. Violations may result in disciplinary action by the Coast Guard and/or civilian criminal sanctions.

Officers can also be contacted through the Contact Us Page.   Flotilla Staff Officer's Office that are underlined are hyperlinks to a web page of their responsibility.  For Flotilla Officer's that say Vacant, if you use the email address there it will be sent to the Vice Flotilla Commander for a response. 

Flotilla Commander Vice Flotilla Commander
Eric Dexter Thomas Roche Jr.
fc21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com vfc21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com
Flotilla Staff Officer Flotilla Staff Officer
Finance Secretary - Records
Maroudia Byrne Susan  Wickson
fsofn21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com fsosr21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com
Flotilla Staff Officer Flotilla Staff Officer
Diversity Lay Leader
Vacant John Wentworth
fsodv21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com fsoacs21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com
Assistant Flotilla Staff Officer
Lay Leader
Benjamin Shambaugh
Flotilla Staff Officer Flotilla Staff Officer
Communication Service Information Services
Everett  Henry II Erik Rider
fsocs21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com fsois21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com
Flotilla Staff Officer  
Human Resources  
Peter Poulin  
Flotilla Staff Officer  
William Thompson  
Flotilla Staff Officer  
Public Affairs  
Michael Moloney  
Flotilla Staff Officer Flotilla Staff Officer
 Membership Training Publications
Richard Cobb Rebecca Losh
fsomt21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com fsopb21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com
Flotilla Staff Officer Flotilla Staff Officer
Marine Safety   Navigation Systems
James Maxner Billy Thornton
fsoms21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com fsons21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com
Flotilla Staff Officer
Public Education
Everett Henry II
Flotilla Staff Officer Assistant Flotilla Staff Officer
RBS Program Visitor RBS Program Visitor
William Muir Michael Moloney
fsopv21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com afsopv21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com
Flotilla Staff Officer Assistant Flotilla Staff Officer
 Vessel Examination  Vessel Examination
John Cuozzo Thomas Gallagher
fsove21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com afsove21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com
Flotilla Staff Officer Flotilla Staff Officer
 Communications  Operations
Timothy Welch  Billy Thornton
fsocm21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com fsoop21c@uscgauxsoportlandme.com
Immediate Past Flotilla Commander
Peter Poulin
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Note:  For email sent to officer above your questions and comments will be processed as soon as possible.  As with any volunteer organization, some delay may be expected.  

Thank you.   Web Manager

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