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.This page last updated 25 March 2016


Winter Dress Blue  

Winter Dress Blue is considered a dress uniform. It is suitable for all situations the Tropical Blue uniform is meetings, classrooms, and public events. The uniform shirt, known colloquially as the CPO shirt, can be hard to find as the shirt is a Coast Guard only uniform item (unlike the other shirts which are shared with the Air Force). It presents a sharp look and is considered a dress uniform suitable to substitute for the Service Dress Blue, unless a jacket is necessary. Besides the ODU, this is the only uniform which is identical between the sexes.





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Security Levels


Winter Dress Blue Uniform Components

Item Description
Occasion Basic cold climate, non-operational uniform and may be worn in lieu of the Service Dress Blue uniform except for occasions where the civilian equivalent is coat and tie. Only authorized from 1 November through 31 March.
Cover Combination or garrison. Cold weather cap in inclement weather.
Shirt Dark blue long sleeve. Known as the CPO shirt.
Undershirt Plain white t-shirt or v-neck.
Tie Blue four-in-hand tie.
Coat None.
Trousers/Skirt Service Dress Blue trousers or optional skirt for women.
Socks/Stockings Black socks or flesh tone stockings with skirt.
Shoes Black oxfords (either polished leather or corfams) or pumps with the skirt.
Gloves Black leather (optional).
Insignia Metal collar devices.
Ribbons/Medals Ribbons.
Qualification Badges Yes.
Breast Devices Yes.
Nametag Yes.
Belt Black web belt with silver buckle and tip. Optional decorative Auxiliary buckle.
Outerwear Windbreaker, trench coat or bridge coat.
Accessories Cardigan or wooly-pully sweater with enhanced shoulder boards (sweaters are not authorized as outerwear). Dark blue wool or white acrylic scarf. Black folding umbrella.

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