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Online  Member Training & Testing

Online training and testing requires that you login with national login credentials. For instructions for what is need and how to get them use this link:  How to get AuxDirectory and Member Zone Login Credentials

Any Auxiliarist may take the on-line course and tests. For credit purposes, all Districts have been authorized by the CHDIRAUX to participate in the on-line testing program and will receive credit towards qualification, re-qualification or certification. The District Director(s) of Auxiliary and District Commodore(s) of all Districts have approve participation in this program.  The on-line courses and tests are excellent practice and learning materials for all Auxiliarists.

It should be noted that training is provided in three different formats and you will need the proper software to view the training.  Links to software needed can be found on the Software Download page of our website's Materials page and is a sub menu item there.

Please note that for any test taken on line, test scores for them can be found in your info at  AuxDirectory and you can print certificates from there.

Because things change on this website often, it is suggest that you check the National Training Website for instructions and what is required for taking online courses and exams.

Here is some of what is available on the National Training Website:

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Auxiliary CoreTraining Videos

You have a number of choice on where you take this training below.


Security Fundamentals (SETA 810030)  - Course Time - 00:18:06 
Ethics 1 / Personal Gifts (ET 502306)  -  Course Time - 0055:58
Sexual Harassment Prevention (POSH 810000) - Course Time - 00:33:19
Workplace Resilience Training (WR 502379) - Course Time - 1:02:59
Civil Rights Awareness (CRA 502319) - Course Time - 00:30:00
Privacy at DHS/Protecting Personal Information (PAWAR 810015) - Course Time - 00:31:11

You will need to complete a Core Training Attestation Form once you view these Video's


These Training Video as well as the same material in PowerPoint and PDF format can be found on the National Training Website.


You can also find these course on the Coast Guard Auxiliary - Online Classroom but will need to login with your AuxDirectory credentials.  Once you log in on the left side of the page look for Dashboard and click on it. Next click on AUX Core Training Certification Portal and find the courses you need to take.


One last location to do Auxiliary Core Training is AUXLMSHere you will need your email address as listed in AuxDirectory and create a password of 14 carters or more to access this training. Once you are able to log in to this site click on Catalog: Auxiliary then click on Catalog: Auxiliary Core Training.


In all cases above upon completion of each Core Training course, the member must complete the self-attestation form affirming that they have read and understood the contents of the training course(s) and then send the form(s) to their designated flotilla IS officer for data entry. The IS officer should treat this form just like a 7039 form for an individual.

Link to D1NR Mandated Training Attestation Form.


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Basic Qualification Course II

This Link will take you to a 3 minute video on how to access this course along with a link to the Auxiliary Classroom.  You will need your AuxDirectory Login Credentials to logon to the Auxiliary Classroon.

auxline image

Introduction to Risk Management

There are two locations that you can choose to take the Risk Management Course:

Online Classroom: Go to Online Classroom Courses> Training (Including Leadership) > Introduction to Risk Management(can be done individually our used in at workshop)

AUXLMSGo to Course Catalog > Auxiliary > Auxiliary Operations>Introduction to Risk

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Online ICS Registration and Courses

This should be your first stop. This link ICS Registration will take you to the registration page to  your SID number and password to take the tests.

These two links ICS-100 FEMA, and  ICS-700 FEMA, are required Mandated FEMA Courses.  These links will take you directly to the start of the course.  After you click on the link all you have to do is click on "Begin Course". When you are done, there should be a link to take the test that will require your SID Number and password that you can obtain by the ICS Registration link above.

 Depending on what you choose to do in the auxiliary you also may need to do these two courses as well ICS-200 FEMA, ICS-800 FEMA

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E-Learning - Online courses are provided for the development of Coast Guard Auxiliary members. Many of them are prerequisites for certain levels of qualification in different programs. Online Classroom Login Link

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AUXOP [Advanced Level Training Specialty Courses] - PowerPoint AUXOP Training Materials, Coastal Navigation (AUXACN), Communications (AUXCOM), Navigation (AUXNAV), Patrols (AUXPAT), Seamanship (AUXSEA), Weather (AUXWEA) Qualifications Link

auxline image

C-School - A one-stop portal for all USCG Auxiliary members looking for information about Auxiliary C-School programs. C-School Link

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Leadership - Includes Administrative Procedures Course (APC), Information for the Newly Elected Officer, Leadership Development Framework, FEMA EMI Professional Development Series, Leadership & Management School (LAMS) Leadership Resources Link

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