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History Notes 1945-1955

Collected by James L. Williams, SM 3c

 Complied by Vernon A. Clarkson, USCG Auxiliary, Flotilla 201 

1945 News items from the Coast Patrol

1.   The courtesy inspection is near completion. All inspectors must pass the examination before inspector cards will be issued. The first district goal is to complete 4000 CMBE’s (courtesy motorboat examinations) in 1945. By August 31, 1945, Casco Bay Flotilla 201 had 37 CMBE’s.

2.    A Memorial Building fund for a chapel at the Coast Guard Academy has been set up in remembrance of the Eastwind Tragedy. In three months only $1400 of a $20,000 goal had been collected.

3.      2600 pamphlets “Here’s Your Coast Guard For 1949” have been printed.

4.      There is no standard exam for enrollment. Each district has its own requirements, if any.

5.      Wendell P. Bickford of Flotilla 201 died.  



1.       New district enrollment requirements were initiated consisting of the following:


a.   Enrollment for three years

b.   Voting in by the membership

c.   Must have a facility

d.    Must pass a test on the following subjects:


  1.          Auxiliary regulations and instructions

  2.         Coast Guard history, organization and functions

  3.         Types of Coast Guard vessels and stations

  4.         Coast Guard activities in the area

  5.         Elementary first aid

  6.         Rules of the road

  7.         Practical boat operation

  8.         Motorboat laws

  9.         Aids to navigation

10.         Proper use of ground tackle


2.        Members of Flotilla 201 went on a three-day “cruise” on an 83-foot patrol boat.


1.        Safe boating week was initiated on July 19—25, 1953

2.        CMBE inspectors are required to check gas tanks and measure vents, ducts etc. No decal unless up to specifications.

3.        There still are no training manuals. Chapman’s remains “the bible.”

4.        The new international rules of the road become effective Jan. 1, 1954.  The Nor’easter will publish the rules through four issues.


1.        On April 8 and 13 Flotilla 201 presented a 15-minute program on boating safety on channel WMPT-TV with Bill Manning and Harland Bruns as instructors.

2.        Courtesy motorboat examiners must carry scales to weigh fire extinguishers.

3.        Documentation is extended to yachts.

4.        Wearing of ribbons is authorized.

5.        Flotilla 201 is planning a rendezvous with Dr. Kay.

6.        As of August 15, Flotilla 201 had done 10 inspections on 12 facility vessels.

7.        A clambake was held at V. C. Mitchell’s cottage on South Harpswell.


1.        Public instruction course (PIC) classes are scheduled to start on January 13, 1955. The subject matter of the nine classes will cover the following:

         a.      The sea and the Coast Guard—-Lt. Wm. Boswell USCG

         b.      Aids to navigation--Lt. Wm. Boswell USCG  

         c.       Nautical language’-—Wm. Frost

         d.       Elementary seamanship—-Everett Goddard

         e.       Knots and splices--Edward Korb/Arthur Anstad

          f.        Elementary piloting--Wm. Manning/Stanley Mitchell

         g.       Rules of the road--Dr. Edwin Kay

         h.       Safety in boating—-Harland Bruns

There was associated live TV coverage. No class fee was mentioned.

2.        A new CMBE (courtesy motorboat examination) form CG2901 has been issued.

3.        Duties of the auxiliary:

        a.        Safety patrols at parades, regattas and special occasions

        b.        SAR missions

        c.        Aids to navigation

        d.        CMBE’S

        e.        Flood/hurricane warning or relief

4.        Three men drowned between Yarmouth and Cousins Island. Dragging by the auxiliary was unsuccessful.

5.        A clambake was held at Jim William’s on New Meadows River.

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